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Who We Are

#Mncedeaphumelele is a non-profit organization that assists grade 12 learners apply at Universities and for possible funding. Since 2020 we have increased our services to narrow down the high rate of learners being stranded the following year, we understood that by working together to help learners apply we could overcome challenges more efficiently and that is why we ultimately decided to launch #Mncedeaphumelele. 

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Our vision at #Mncedeaphumelele is to empower and uplift South African grade 12 learners by equipping them with the necessary tools and support to successfully apply and gain acceptance into universities and secure funding. We strive to bridge the gap between disadvantaged learners and higher education opportunities, allowing them to achieve their full potential and become leaders in their communities. By promoting access to education, we envision a brighter future for both our learners and our nation as a whole.

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Our Mission

Our mission at #Mncedeaphumelele is to provide access to higher education and equal opportunities for all grade 12 learners. We empower and guide students through the application process for universities and funding, with the goal of helping them achieve success and contribute to their communities. our commitment to providing these services free of charge ensures that financial barriers do not limit a student's potential, and that every learner has a fair chance to thrive academically and beyond.

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Our Successful Stories 

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 Restoring Hope after years of not being able to apply

July 21, 2022

After years of not knowing which step to take after passing matruc and not being able to apply for himself  #Mncedeaphumelele came to rescue. We managed to restore hope to someone who lost hope. Finally he will be able to study something he has been longing  and that will pave for his future. 

Every success story starts with a dream 

June 17, 2022

Some people struggle in applying for funding (NSFAS) because they find it hard to jungle in their system, let's give a shootout to the member of #Mncedeaphumelele who managed to help this individual to apply for NSFAS. Now she can study without stressing about who's going to pay her fees.

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#Mncedeaphumelele Videos

Helping Grade 12 Learners Apply and Secure Funding For University.

The #Mncedeaphumelele organization, which helps South African grade 12 learners apply to universities and find funding for their studies, has produced videos for this area of our site. these videos are an essential tool for people interested in pursuing higher education. they include educational sessions on choosing the appropriate courses and getting ready for University, as well as success stories from former participants. Follow along to stay up to date with the most recent advice and insights from the skilled team behind #Mncedeaphumelele, whether you're a learner, parent, or educator.

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Unlocking Opportunities: A Guide to University Applications and Funding for Grade 12 Learners.


#Mncedeaphumelele will host an information session for Grade 12 learners and their parents/guardians. the session will cover various topics related to applying for universities and funding, including the application process, requirements, and deadlines. The organization will also provide tips and recommendations for successful applicants.

Sonke Sizofunda Campaign- APRIL

#Mncedeaphumelele will conduct an application workshop to assist grade 12 learners in filling in their university applications. The workshop will provide guidance on completing applications, accompanying documents, and tips on how to present applications effectively. The event aims to ensure that learners are well-prepared to submit successful applications.


#Mncedeaphumelele will host a funding workshop to inform and assist grade 12 learners in accessing funding for their studies. the workshop will cover various funding sources, including scholarships, and bursaries. The organization will provide guidance on the application process, eligibility, and how to present applications effectively. This event aims to help learners find the financial support they need to pursue their academic goals.

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#Mncedeaphumelele is committed to the well-being of our learners and staff. As part of this commitment, we recognize the importance of HIV


#Mncedeaphumelele is a non-profit organization that provides support to grade 12 learners in applying for universities and funding. the objective of this integrated brand marketing plan is to create a strong brand identity for #Mncedeaphumelele, increase awareness and engagement of the organization, and drive participation from potential volunteers, donors, and beneficiaries.


We value your feedback on the organization's performance because it enables us to implement change and keep providing excellent services to grade 12 learners by allowing us to hear your suggestions and advice. Your opinion counts to us.

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#Mncedeaphumelele's website is a critical component in helping the organization to achieve its mission of helping Grade 12 learners apply for universities and funding for FREE. The organization believes that everyone deserves a chance to get an education, regardless of their financial background. By donating to #Mncedeaphumelele, individuals and businesses can contribute towards the success of Grade 12 learners and help them to realize their dreams. The platform provides a quick and easy way to donate securely, with every donation going directly to assisting with resources to apply for learners. Through the Donation section, individuals can partner with the organization in making a lasting impact on young people's lives and promoting a better future for all.

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